Our services


Professional laptop repair which saves your time, money and comes with a   warranty. We recommend service of your laptop at least once in year. Laptop Repair Services Includes:

- Full Diagnostic     Testing - Complete Inspection - Stress tests for all hardware - Repair/Upgrade Estimate - Replacement Part Installation - Motherboard     Repair - Upgrade Part Installation - Clean Interior & Fans - Clean Exterior - Bios Upgrade
Power/DC Jack RepairIf you have problem charging laptop because of a lose or faulty DC jack/   Power socket, then your laptop needs a DC jack repair. Due to repeated stress   on power jack by the power cable the jack losen out and stop working or   starts giving other problem. We replace/repair DC jack and bring an end to   all such problems.


Motherboard Repair Motherboards control almost every hardware like Audio, Video, Power, USB,   Display and Keyboard/Touchpad etc . If you are experiencing issues with any   of your hardware we can correct it by repairing your motherboard.This is a   cheaper option than replacing the motherboard itself.

LCD Replacement or   Backlight Broken LCD, or flikering dislay, or a dull dark display, we have the   solution. We can repair or replace the LCD. Backlight or display card problem   we have solution for all.

Laptop Keyboard   Repair and Replacement Missing keys, Water spill, Buttons keep coming off, its time to replace your   keyboard. Why get a new laptop when you need only a new keyboard.

Touchpad Replacement Faulty touch pad can be a big problem when it comes to work. Get it replace   today.

Virus, Spyware &   Pop-up Scan & Software Solution We offer complete virus, spyware, trojan scan. All kinds of upgrade and   software solutions.

Inverter Laptops power supply is the most crucial part as without it the laptop just   cannot work. We do power supply repair upto chip level.

Overheating Does your laptop heats up too much, does it shutdown or goes off suddenly,   well your laptop has over heating problem. We do heat sink or heat fan repair   and replacement