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  • Jadoo5 Combines Endless Entertainment in a shiny new UI with a host of great features that let you stay connected with everything you love doing the most. And we back this with a 2 Year warranty behind which we stand!
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    Stay Connected

    Our new Stay Connected Feature allows you to make free video and audio calls to friends and family across the globe, listen to music wirelessly and display your photographs on your TV screen.

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      Video Calling

      Use with your own camera or buy JadooTV’s sleek new HD JadooCam from our online store.

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      Listen To Music Wirelessly

      Use your own BT headphones or buy the stylish new Jadoo Wireless Headphones from our Online Store.

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      My Photo Frame

      Something to watch for everyone in the family.

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    Endless Entertainment
    Live Channels

    1000 + HD like channels including many that stream at a higher quality using less internet bandwidth.


    2500+ Bollywood hits through EROSNow Free with Purchase of Jadoo5.


    1000,000 hours of VOD content

    Catch Up TV

    Go back the last 7 days to view your must-watch shows

    Air Remote

    With Voice Search


    Schedule to record any live program on your local media


    Our new JadooCast app allows you to mirror the content on your mobile device on your TV and lets you use phone or tablet as an additional remote.

    How to use JCastmy-stuff
    My Stuff

    Access your must watch channels and movies in seconds. Curate your music, and photographs in one easy to access place. Choose your own daily news feed and get your daily horoscope. My Stuff gets you straight to your content bypassing any extra steps. Here is what is on offer:

    Video Calling

    Enjoy free video calling through our HD Cam with Facebook Messenger.

    How to connect Jadoo Headphones

    Use your own BT headphones or buy the stylish new Jadoo Wireless Headphones from our Online Store. These have been specially designed for your long-term listening comfort.

    To use your JBT-80 Bluetooth stereo headphones, follow these steps:

    How to setup Jadoo Headphones


    My Photo Frame
    My Photo Frame

    Something to watch for everyone in the family.

    How to Hook Up

    Thousands of Apps

    JadooTV’s App store allows you access to Thousands of 3rd party apps in our App Store. Download apps as you continue to watch content on your Jadoo5 . No pausing required.

    Thousands of Apps

    Watch and Download Movies Onlines for free.

    How to Download Apps

    1Access Google Play in your Jadoo5 box. 2Search for your favrtite app. 3Select your desired app. 4Tap to Install

    Note: You need to login your Google account from Settings if case you are not logged in.

    Meet the completely reimagined Jadoo5. It combines a smart user interface with an exciting array of new features including the ability to mark your favorite content, search for channels by number and create a playlist of the last 10 channels you viewed. All this and an unparalleled selection of content from across the globe!


    •       1000+ Live TV channels.
    •       Bollywood movies Via EROSNow.
    •       Millions of hours of VOD content.
    •       JadooCast (Mirror your mobile device to your TV).
    •       JadooGO app for mobile devices.
    •       Bluetooth interface.
    •       My Photoframe with Facebook, Flickr and Instagram.
    •       My Music with Amazon Music, Pandora, Saavn and Spotify.
    •       4K resolution.
    •       Daily Horoscope.
    •       eMedia App.
    •       Catch Up TV 7 Days.
    •       Recently Played Items.
    •       Channel Recall.
    •       Preferred content option.
    •       Section switch from any section.



    •       802.11ac MIMO dual-band wireless
    •       10/100 Base-T Ethernet


    TV Compatibility:

    •       HD TVs – Up to 1080p (1920 x 1080) with up-scaling from 720p
    •       4K UHD TVs – Up to 2160p at 60fps (3840 × 2160) with up-scaling from 720p and 1080p
    •       4K UHD HDR TVs – Supports HDR10 technology



    •       Power, HDMI 2.0a, Ethernet 10/100, microSD


    Audio features:

    •       Dolby Audio pass through via HDMI®
    •       Night listening mode
    •       Storage expansion
    •       microSD card slot for additional channel storage


    Remote control:

    •       Advanced point-anywhere remote with headphone jack for private listening.
    •       Player includes IR receiver, compatible with various universal remotes.


    Power consumption:

    •       4.5W (typical) when streaming 4K UHD video



    •       4.9 x 4.9 x 0.85 inches



    •       7.9 ounces



    • Jadoo TV offers 2 Year Warranty against any hardware defects on Jadoo5. Jadoo TV nor do we guarantee ANY channels. If certain channels stop working this is not a warranty issue and we will not refund or exchange the product. Jadoo TV is one of the Top Selling receivers for South Asian channels but like most iptv boxes their is never a guarantee on content. Please keep this in mind when purchasing.


    Package Includes:                  

    •        Jadoo5 Premiere+ streaming player
    •        Regular Remote
    •        Two AA batteries
    •        HDMI Cable
    •        Ethernet Cable
    •        Power adapter



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