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When you’re in need of repair services for your cell phone, tablet, laptop, or other electronics, depend on the professionals at

Sandhu Computers Edmonton is your one-stop tech repair shop in Edmonton,Alberta From cracked screens and water damage to faulty batteries and much more, you can rely on us for solutions to all of the most common issues with your devices.

Sandhu Computers iPhone Repair in Edmonton,Alberta

If you’re in need of an iPhone repair in Edmonton you’ve come to the right place! 

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Motherboard Repair

Motherboard Repair

In our workshop we have hundreds of chips that we use to fix motherboards. Replacing these tiny chips is easy for us as you can see from the images below.

Look at the motherboard below.

The customer complained that he saw smoke coming out of his laptop. The laptop would not turn on. On close inspection we found burnt chips on the board.

Lets get in real close....

Now we know why he saw smoke ! This chip needs to be replaced. Although the chip is very small this is a very simple repair for our engineers. This motherboard had about three other chips that were blown on the underside of the motherboard. Get ready for the new chip....

IC chip is soldered to motherboard and the laptop now works fine.


Now some more difficult techniques

Look at this chip below it has 102 pins can this be removed and repaired? Removing a chip of 102 pins is no problem for our engineers.

First remove the chip

The chip is removed and now we need to find the same chip from another motherboard.

Flux is place around the new chip in order to help with the soldering. The idea is to brush the soldering iron along the pins to and fro along the pins until the flux has evaporated. however be careful, the image below shows what you need to avoid.

The contacts need to be free of solder so the pins cant short. Use the soldering iron to brush away excess solder from the joints.

The old chip is removed. The new chip is now in place.

*A similar chip was almost used but had the incorrect version number on the chip.