Spy hidden real-time camera clock WiFi Camera

Spy hidden real-time camera clock WiFi Camera


  • [Function Innovation] Added: Remotely turn the camera on or off, plan to record, cloud storage function (cheap pay), automatically turn on night vision when the light is dark, etc. Similar products do not have these functions. Mobile detection and alert push are optimized to reduce false alarms, and video from the SD card can be downloaded remotely to the phone and the SD card can be formatted remotely. A thief can damage the camera but can’t damage the cloud storage video.
  • 3. [Ultra HD 4K Clock Hidden Camera] is one of the few cameras in 4K cameras. The video uses H.264 encoding, which saves more than 2 times the storage capacity compared to the conventional coded HD on the market. The camera is equipped with a charger and data cable that can be used directly after receipt. If you want to install the battery, you need to purchase it separately, the specification is 18650 3.7-5V, it supports both power modes, and supports charging when recording.
  • 4. [No light night vision, self-heating point]: There are 9 “940nm” infrared lights, the human eye can’t see its light. For other companies, there are only 5 night vision lights. The camera’s self-hotspot is used for mobile phone connections. You can also configure the camera with a 2.4GHz WiFi network (not supporting 5G WiFi) for remote control, regardless of distance, and can be used.


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